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May 17, 2009 @ 7:40 pm

EX-Cast Episode 28 - DL Foster

We are discussing homosexuality in the church and how it is affecting the body of Christ. We are discussing this with Pastor DL Foster, founder of the Gay Christian Movement Watch

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  • antHONY

    big momma use to dress the male in blue,black and gray ,pink and yellow your sister wore those was her colors.now the men wear pinkshirt,pink tie,pink socks with a mohawk and twisting.theres nothing wrong with the mohawk.call me old fashion but the world is very VERY different now.that shirt look pretty on you,if it looks pretty on me im taking it off,momma didnt raise me to look pretty,you can wear your PINK im gonna keep talking2thechairs. and yall keep telling the TRUTH

    Dec 9, 2009 at 4:43 pm
  • Dawn Douglas

    Thank you Elder Lewis for having Pastor foster on your podcast. I had the privilege of contacting Pastor Foster and sharing my testimony with him as an Overcomer, delivered from the sin of homosexuality. From our dialogue, he was moved by the Spirit to accept an invitation to minister at our small church in Junction City Kansas. His word was more than sharing his testimony, but he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ with power and sincerity. I thank you for allowing his voice to be heard and giving him an opportunity to speak the truth without compromise. There are many Overcomers, both male and female, who do not have a global voice, but we have our sphere of influence within our circle of friends and family. They know our testimony and see us living it daily without compromise. We are completely delivered, without a trace. You would not know our previous lifestyles unless we shared our testimony with you. We are not bound by the spirit of affectation which compels us to seek the limelight, but we honor God by be living epistles. God has raised Pastor Foster to be a voice of one crying in the wilderness to cry loud and spare not. It is not a position that one should envy at all because of the heartache and persecution he faces, as I am sure you are aware and can identify as one that stands against the despicable subculture that exists within the church. Please keep expose those wolves in sheep’s clothing who are trying to corrupt the pure message of the truth. Please continue to promote those men and women who are standing for true holiness. The truth is always relevant.

    Jan 5, 2010 at 11:16 am
  • Florence Ainu'u

    Thank you Pastors Lewis and Foster for this interview that will help homosexuals see that they can be free from this spirit. I pray for them from time to time that they will receive the truth and be set free. The Lord bless you abundantly in the work that you do.

    Aug 26, 2010 at 5:01 am
  • cris

    Finally the works of the church brought into a more pure and perfect light.

    perhapes not all homosexuals but surely enough of them have been hatched there/church and it is expected that they would want rights of the place.

    As a people/black we seem to have an unusual hold on the church world. We multiply in a bazaar kinda way and produce even a language/catchy words that form gates of entrance for nourishment of things most unholy.

    For instance: the people seems to be tied to this strange rise of pursuing and obtaining any and all so called “religious desires.” I say religious desires because once the desire, whatever it is, is tide to religion, then it is automatically considered good and right. All restraint and discipline is gone in pursuit of it, and perceived “righteously” ALL RIGHT.

    this thing I see, religious desire, as something that people in the church have been encouraged to have, and because it’s attached to religion they find no fault in holding to the desire itself no matter how OFF the desire is. The desire then eats up all of the people’s hope.

    Seeing now how hope is extra strong, and cannot die the people are then in this sort of state: They are bound to their religious desire, which is swollen with a belly full of hope that WILL NOT, cannot die, at least not without great price. Thus this strange raise of religious desires goes on to breed a church full of songs filled with this sick hope that can’t die, and the vines maintain like a train through their prayer lives, their understanding of the scriptures that they read, and snakes on through to whatever form of fasting they practice until they function much like the suddenly severed leg of a daddy long leg spider. *just cause it’s kicken don’t mean it’s alive, or even still connected!

    The churches posses the ability to greatly generate an atmosphere highly hypnotic to the head/mind, and swaying to the soul, and by this we are become addicted to the stimulation it self, and believe that our poor hearts will fail us if we are not timely injected. Thus we cling to the thing we call church no matter what. It is the “what” that should be consider NOW.

    Oct 13, 2010 at 5:44 pm
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